May 2023 false indigo and more peonies

The false indigo bush in front is blooming.

This bed looks a little uneven this year, but at least that is blooming nicely. There is also a red columbine that is almost finished.

The darker peonies are starting to open now.

Some are not the double peonies.

And here is Sidney snoozing under the hostas.

May 2023 More tulips and a few spring blooms

There are more tulips showing off.

The blue spruce looks good this year too. For the moment the lawn is dandelion free… But only because I dug them all before cutting the lawn.
These are such a gorgeous brilliant red.

These beauties in front of the fence came in a lot in one day.

It always feels this time of year that there should be something to eat from the garden, but it is too early. The rhubarb is in amazing shape this year. And I have a few stalks of asparagus. There are not that many though so I will probably eat them in the garden grazing like a goat.

This is the biggest of the three clumps of rhubarb.

I won’t be having much of a meal from these but I’m sure they will be tasty.

The bleeding heart is also doing well this year.

And these little tiny hyacinths have shown up.

And Milton was doing this while the flowers were busy.

May 2023 cat portraits

Milton’s nose is starting to show a little grey.

Cousin’s nose is showing that he is still sticking it into other’s business.

Tiglet is quite certain everything belongs to him.

And Fluff is a Princess. Despite her big paws.

Gorgeous skies have brought some recent rain. And the peony tulips are blooming.