August 2018 Garden (more flowers)




August 2018 Garden (flowers)

In some of the beds the flowers and vegetables are a bit interspersed. In this one for example, carrots, spinach basil, dill seem happy with the Four-O-Clocks and that roaming mystery pumpkin (if it is a pumpkin).


And these are ripe tomatoes below the Bachelor Buttons (which I think are also called Cornflowers):


I planted these seeds for “scarlet” Bachelor Buttons, but they look dark purple to me (and haven’t taken off as the pink and blue ones have.


This Love-Lies-Bleeding I’ve grown before. The Red Amaranth (farther down) is new this year and is exceptionally happy. These all grew from seed, but the Red Amaranth are so tall I cannot touch the top of them. The Love-Lies-Bleeding had a very bad early experience (unfortunately the man who cuts my lawn clipped them when they were first coming up). The Red Amaranth have very good sun exposure and are in the new bed (much more protected from accidental trimming).



After having been away for a while and all the flowers moving along quickly, I have quite a lot of deadheading to take care of. But here are more pictures of plants in bloom right now.