July 2020 Garden & Food (& a cat)

It has been ages since I’ve put up any food pictures; partly I think I was in a food slump, partly I had been having some camera issues. BUT, here goes with some food… which at this time of year involves the garden.


I made these June greens into a delicious salad; the beets below are canned beets from last year. Now, in July, I have beets coming out of the garden, but before that the canned beets were crucial. wp-1594403276192.jpg

The cucumbers are finally ready…wp-1594322214849.jpg

and just in time for a cucumber, dill, cream cheese sandwich.wp-1594322741751.jpg

The raspberries speak for themselves.


The “Bright Lights” swiss chard is doing well this year.


I planted two kinds of beets; the Bull’s Blood aren’t ready yet. But these are Early Wonder. The turnips are purple top white globe. I planted only one kind of turnip.


I boiled the beets briefly, took off the skins, quartered them, and tossed them with a dressing with parsley and mint. The chard is sauteed lightly. Too lightly; the stalks were a bit underdone.


The turnips I boiled hard for ten minutes, browned them, and tossed a bunch of dill with them. This was inspired by Nigel Slater’s descriptions in Tender. The turnips were very tasty although possibly over-browned. I stepped out of the kitchen while they were in the pan. Cookbooks never seem to mention these issues.


This over-medium egg was delicious. I had nothing to do with producing it. The sourdough bread is from the local baker.


I’ve also harvested a full basket of mint; this is the second round of mint. I’ve made it into a mint drink syrup.


I haven’t had a tomato from my garden yet; my neighbor shared a slightly under-ripe yellow cherry tomato that was delicious. These are coming along. They might be Better Boys. The tags on my seedling tomatoes got a bit mixed up.


This spinach has a flat broad leaves; one patch in the back garden has already bolted but these more shaded plants are still doing fine.


_DSC0159 (2)

I sauteed this spinach to have with pasta –and a cream sauce.


And here, finally, is a picture of a kitty!




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