May 2021 Peonies blooming

This might be the earliest these peonies have ever come out. They are usually at least a week later. We had a strangely warm week early on in the spring and I think it hurried several things. Luckily the cold snap doesn’t seem to have stunted them at all.

It has been a very full May. Sorry these pictures aren’t very good. I will get some better ones tomorrow —or the next day.


May 2021 False indigo plant

This plant was given to me by a neighbor gardener and has settled in really well. Last year it wasn’t that great –but this year I think it will really show off.

I am going to dig out the primroses that are crowding around the bottom of this plant. I think it needs more room and also the branching bottom parts of the plant are lovely (when visible).

The other name for false indigo is Baptisia australis and wikipedia tells me that it is in the family Fabaceae. My gardening neighbor has white and yellow also. I like the blue / purple.

May 2021 Iris

The iris are still coming out and I am remembering some that I did have last year and also there are some new ones.

A couple of these might be the German reblooming iris that are supposed to have another season late in the year; since I can’t remember, I will have to wait and see what happens in September.

This one might be the only yellow iris in the garden, and it is in such a shaded spot that it might barely be able to open.

May 2021 recovery of the bleeding heart

The bleeding heart plant is one of the first things I planted when I moved into this house. And it is one of the only things I planted that first spring that turned out to have been in the right place. It is right up against the house on the east side in a protected corner. I usually put straw on it in the fall. I looked up the latin name for this plant and it is Lamprocapnos spectabilis but it seems to also masquerade under its previous name dicentra.

As has been its habit, it came out early and strong this year and had blooms on it in early April. A couple of very cold nights made it look very sad, and I wondered if it had finished its season. Now it is back and stronger than ever.

May 2021 Iris, peony, and kitties

One of the seedling peonies has bloomed! Here is a post from last month about the peonies from seed. And here is the lovely bloom.

The other peonies are on the verge of opening. It is raining this morning, but I took these pictures yesterday afternoon.

I have several iris that came on while I was away in Colorado.

And I have some snoozy kitties.

May 2021 A TRIP to Colorado

I went away again for a very quick visit, flying into Durango, Colorado. I have some pictures from a lovely hike where we saw amazing lupines and a few other wildflowers. And lots of trees. The pictures don’t do a good job of capturing the dappling sunlight or the smell, but the colors are lovely.

In one section of the walk, a few iris (in the midst of what will be a large patch) have already started to bloom. They are delicate and yet sturdy. Smaller than the iris I have blooming in my garden, these will be stunning when there are many of them and the individual ones already open are arresting.

We saw several other wildflowers, some of which I recognize like wood violets and columbine.

This next yellow flower was prolific and I don’t think I’ve noticed it before. It is really a lovely yellow, low growing, and usually in clusters.

The mosses were incredible. And so varied.

A lovely quick trip and another step back to some semblance of normal life.

May 2021 Allium, lily of the valley, and a kitty

I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago … and then never posted it. I’m not quite sure what went wrong. But here it is with a particularly sweet picture of little Minnie in the middle of a very big bed of straw.

This allium is really blooming. So lovely. And I got the straw spread in the space south of the bed for the pumpkin and squash vines to spread over.

And the kitties are happy about the enormous straw bed.

May 2021 : : Kitty spotlight on Claribel

Claribel is Vladimir’s sister. There were only the two of them –and here is a picture I’ve already included that shows Vladimir and Claribel with their Mum.

But since you can barely see her little tiny self in that picture, here are a couple of others of her as a tiny kitten.

Claribel was born in August of 2009.; I’m not sure why she looks so grey in this picture. It must be the light reflecting off the mass expanses of that sofa.

This picture was taken in December of 2009 –she is about 4 1/2 or 5 months old here.

January of 2010…. she is getting big.
This picture is from 2012, but she still loves to sit on the top of the banister post at the top of the stairwell.
I have so many other delightful pictures of Claribel that I will have to do another spotlight on her at some point. She is still a tiny cat. In this picture below, she and her brother look like they are the same size. In reality –and out of the depths of a comforter –he is about twice the size of her. It is somewhat rare to catch them cuddled together.

Claribel is definitely the most limber, flexible, and acrobatic of all the cats.

Cousin is looking at that toy… I think it had been rubbed on catnip.

Above, Claribel cuddles her head into a nice warm Cara tummy. All the kitties like to cuddle with Cara. Fewer of them are keen to cuddle with Milton (the black kitty below). Milton and Claribel are often found together. Here they are looking like a pair of snoozy outlaws: Trouble and Sneaky.

2021 May Bachelor’s Buttons; Cornflowers on the verge

I have a couple different varieties of Bachelor’s Buttons, as they are called here. My grandmother used to grow these in a large swath at one side of the garden. These, zinnias, and moss roses (portulaca) are the flowers I most associate with her garden.

Having a garden, I now recognize why they reappeared in her garden in a large swath. They are vigorous re-seeders. Considered an annual, I do not have to replant them. It is really a matter of tearing them out to allow room for vegetable planting. I am terribly behind on my vegetable planting this year but hope to have many more things planted by the end of this week. And I will go to the nursery and buy a few plants –eggplant, for example.

Here are the bachelor’s buttons. Not yet in all of their glory.