July 2021 on naming cats after historical figures

Many years ago, I named one of the cats Martin Frobisher. It makes for a long note on the vet records since they add my surname onto his full name. Sometimes when I am calling for him, I do shorten it to Martin, but for the most part, he is Martin Frobisher. Unlike the seaman for whom he was named, this Martin Frobisher is not much of a traveler. He is very much a homebody. Of the three siblings (Minnie is his sister and Tiglet his brother), he is the most conscientious about staying home. He has some very strong opinions though and is very willing to push his way around on a lap or chair to get things (people legs, people arms, other cats) exactly where he wants them. And I think to a certain extent his looks have turned out to match well with his name.

Martin Frobisher is a handsome cat, who usually looks like he has a lot of poise.

In this painting, Martin Frobisher’s trousers seem to take over. The present Martin Frobisher has some impressive back end covering too.
This picture above is from last year and to give him credit, he isn’t quite as fluffy this year as he has lost a little bit of his roundness.

I think there is a certain similarity in the attitudes captured by the images of the historical Martin Frobisher.

All in all, I think he has turned out to be well named.

You might notice in this late afternoon photo taken yesterday that the haze and smokiness from the wildfires in the west are affecting the skies in south dakota.

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