June 2022 more new blooms

The garden is in that late June state when things change every day.

This calendula self seeded from last year, and I am very glad to see it.

The strawberries are very tasty despite being small.

The feverfew is in full bloom. It is such a delicate looking bloom on such a hardy plant.

I love bachelor’s buttons, perhaps because my paternal grandmother always grew them in her garden.

2021 May Bachelor’s Buttons; Cornflowers on the verge

I have a couple different varieties of Bachelor’s Buttons, as they are called here. My grandmother used to grow these in a large swath at one side of the garden. These, zinnias, and moss roses (portulaca) are the flowers I most associate with her garden.

Having a garden, I now recognize why they reappeared in her garden in a large swath. They are vigorous re-seeders. Considered an annual, I do not have to replant them. It is really a matter of tearing them out to allow room for vegetable planting. I am terribly behind on my vegetable planting this year but hope to have many more things planted by the end of this week. And I will go to the nursery and buy a few plants –eggplant, for example.

Here are the bachelor’s buttons. Not yet in all of their glory.

May 2021 Garden blooms on the verge

There are many things in the garden right now on the verge of blooming. The enclosed, compressed energy is impressive.

If it keeps raining like it has for the last few days, the peonies will be really spectacular. I also may never get the lawn cut. Below is yarrow getting ready.

This is sage getting ready to bloom. The tarragon behind it is doing fantastically well. These are chives below.

I will save the bachelor’s buttons (cornflowers) for tomorrow. Maybe the sun will come out between now and then.