June 2022 kitties and mischief

Claribel has been getting up to quite a bit of mischief. Her cuteness is her best defense.

If you look carefully in the photo below, you will see that there is a box of cat treats on the shelf. That is what she is seeking in this moment, because if she knocks it off the shelf it will probably open for her to have access to the kitty treats.

June 2021 White rose and some kitties

This white rose is the most fragrant of the roses I have. It has also been here the longest. Last year many of the roses were eaten by Japanese beetles but the timing on the beetles must be a bit different this year and the roses are coming through beautifully. They are such full roses –so many petals.

This a coneflower right behind it –they are also getting ready to put on a show. Meanwhile, here are some happy kitties.

Claribel, completely sacked out on the back of the sofa.

Martin Frobisher with his mouth partly open.

Sidney looking very handsome –and a little later when part of the blanket slipped down over him.

June 2021 other moss rose, a lily to watch, and kitties

Quite a while ago, I bought these very sweet yellow moss roses and put them in this hanging basket. The basket is new this year. It is so shallow that I end up watering it every day.

Notice the very tall lily in this picture just to the right of the hanging basket. This lily will be blooming for its third year. And it has doubled each year.
I am astounded at the number of blooms on this plant.
Minnie and Tiglet both cleaning.
Cousin in his favorite basket and giving me the side eye.

June 2021 Kitties

I’ve been taking so many pictures of flowers and plants that I’ve been neglecting the kitty photos. So, here are a few recent kitty pictures.

Here is Martin Frobisher looking extra cute.

Milton settled in on the bed as if for a photo shoot.

I’ve posted this picture before, but Pretty and Sidney look so happy here I wanted to post it again.

May 2021 : : Kitty spotlight on Claribel

Claribel is Vladimir’s sister. There were only the two of them –and here is a picture I’ve already included that shows Vladimir and Claribel with their Mum.

But since you can barely see her little tiny self in that picture, here are a couple of others of her as a tiny kitten.

Claribel was born in August of 2009.; I’m not sure why she looks so grey in this picture. It must be the light reflecting off the mass expanses of that sofa.

This picture was taken in December of 2009 –she is about 4 1/2 or 5 months old here.

January of 2010…. she is getting big.
This picture is from 2012, but she still loves to sit on the top of the banister post at the top of the stairwell.
I have so many other delightful pictures of Claribel that I will have to do another spotlight on her at some point. She is still a tiny cat. In this picture below, she and her brother look like they are the same size. In reality –and out of the depths of a comforter –he is about twice the size of her. It is somewhat rare to catch them cuddled together.

Claribel is definitely the most limber, flexible, and acrobatic of all the cats.

Cousin is looking at that toy… I think it had been rubbed on catnip.

Above, Claribel cuddles her head into a nice warm Cara tummy. All the kitties like to cuddle with Cara. Fewer of them are keen to cuddle with Milton (the black kitty below). Milton and Claribel are often found together. Here they are looking like a pair of snoozy outlaws: Trouble and Sneaky.