June 2021 Rudbeckia, eggplant blooms, and feverfew

The eggplant are blooming; the plants look very sturdy and able to handle some fruits. I have two different kinds of eggplant (aubergine) planted. And the rudbeckia are really taking off.

And the feverfew is blooming. I love these delicate little daisy-like flowers. They are a sturdy plant that handles the wind. It is a vigorous re-seeder, but also comes back from sturdy roots as a perennial. It does have medicinal uses against migraines, but I haven’t used it for that.

Cousin looks a bit sly here with his side-eye and scratched nose. He was snuggled in getting some pets.

June 2021 White rose bush

This rose is now in its second year here. I think it is hard to get a sense of the size of it. If there were a cat in some of these pictures it would probably help.

Pretty helps here, but I didn’t take the picture in a way that allows her to add perspective on the size of the rose bush.
Here is Tiglet and his tummy. He was Mr. Bunny Breath a couple of days ago –he brought the bunny home and was VERY proud of himself. A couple other cats started following him like he was a rock star. Ridiculous. He threw up later. Bunny didn’t agree with him.

March 2021 Garden Stirrings and Growth

The tulips are definitely moving along.

And the hyacinths are also moving.

The yarrow is looking very fern-like.

The chives are moving along.

Strawberries are starting to send some runners and wake up leaves.
This will be a forest of Bachelor’s Buttons unless I thin them.
The oregano and parsley both have made it through; below is the sorrel returning.
The rose awakening.
Silly kitty being very happy about rolling around on her back.
And here is a surprise bowl of sprouting plants that I found when I went out to collect my laundry from the line. A lovely neighbor left them for me.