June 2021 yellow primrose and cone flowers

The yellow primroses are unbelievably tall this year. There is one plant right in the middle of the picture, dwarfing the rose to the left. And this yellow is really bright –not buttery, but brilliant. I did find a couple of Japanese beetles this morning, so the primroses may be short-lived. But they are lovely.

And the coneflowers are just starting to open. They are so spectacular when they are broadly open in all their purple pink glory. But I love them like this too when they are just starting.

And finally here is a very handsome Milton, lounging.

June 2021 more roses and a kitty

This rose in front of the house was alleged to be red. I don’t think it is red –but it is lovely and bright and very pleased with itself.

Meanwhile the rose that is meant to climb the fence is starting to bloom.

The showy pinks are putting on a show in the front bed.

Turns out the next plant over is also one of these yellow primroses.

I picked up this log from my master gardener neighbor; I thought it would be a kitty favorite. And Tiglet took advantage of it pretty quickly. That is a rose bush behind him, and farther behind him (closer to the fence) is a bed with asparagus and iris. And many catnip plants.

And here is a lovely Cousin getting some happy morning cuddles.

June 2021 Primroses

The primroses are just starting to open; these will go on for quite a long time. The showy pinks (Oenothera speciosa) are the ones I like best. These are evening primroses,

I grew these from seed and it has taken a bit to get them established. Establishment hindered by my mistaken impression of the young plant as weed. I still think the plant looks a little weedy in the spring. The only seed company I’ve seen to sell these are in these packets.

I also have some lovely yellow primroses (Oenothera macrocarpa) in this front bed. The plants and the flowers are much bigger than the pink. They aren’t blooming yet, but the tall one on the left here is a yellow blooming plant.

These are also grown from a packet of seeds –I bought these one year when I couldn’t find the pink ones.

Last summer a gardening neighbor gave me a yellow primrose plant that is quite different than these –and it is smaller and brighter yellow. It is already blooming. Luckily it is standing a bit more on its own.

March 2021 Saturday garden buds, green shoots, seed pods, and a cat

I have been poking around a bit in the garden, cleaning out piles of black walnuts and leaves, but not moving too much of anything because of the very real likelihood of another snowstorm. And yet…. the plants are not waiting. The hyacinth are coming.

There are some amazing leftover Love-In-a-Mist seed pods (Nigella) left over from the fall, in various stages.

And I think these are the yellow primroses coming back –evening primroses. If these are the ones I am thinking, they are: Oenothera macrocarpa. I might be wrong. I have a hard time with my evening primroses because I weed out about half of them every spring accidentally. They don’t quite look like themselves when they are sprouting. I believe these are the yellow ones –but I also have pink ones in this bed: Showy Pink Evening Primroses.

The tulips and irises are not waiting around. They were tucked in under a lot of straw, and since the winter was relatively mild I think they are especially glad to get out.

Several other plants are also showing up.

Minnie found some catnip… so that was exciting.