May 2018 Theater







3 thoughts on “May 2018 Theater

    • I enjoyed them all differently. It was great to see many of the same actors in both Hamlet and As You Like It. Red is a very good play –and particularly enjoyable since I saw the All Too Human, Lucien Freud, Francis Bacon show at the Tate that day and the Surface Work (Abstract Women Painters) show the day after. This Macbeth production was not as bad as the reviews made it sound –I thought it was one of the better Macbeths I have seen (and I was lucky that Rory Kinnear had just returned after a short absence blamed on illness). The reviews were not inaccurate, but I wasn’t bothered by some of the things the reviewers didn’t like (ugly set, unconcern with divinity of kingship). The Writer was probably the biggest surprise and left me asking more questions than the others. The fact that it is new probably has something to do with that.

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